PATELLA GROUP: Patella Motor Pergola, Patella Tent, and Patella Glass brands under the umbrella of Patella Group.

Through more than ten years of experience in this sector, and thounsands of applied projects, PATELLA has been took it place in leading the market.

Thanks to its engineers, architects, technicians and expert assembly teams, it has proven itself in the sector and gained the trust of its customers through the years.


Patella Group: Leading the markets comes with many responsibilies, such as creating new methods, developing new products, and keep investing in the shadings technologies to bring the finest solutions for the costumers always. Since the costumers satisfaction in coming in the first place in PATELLA GROUP principles.


Our company, has transferred the experience and knowledge from one project to new project, has taken its place in Europe, Asia and Africa and has signed big projects. The Patella Group, which presents 70% of its capacity to the world market, and keep growing every day and progressing to become a world leader brand.

PATELLA management, Technical Service teams and sales representatives are always ready to support all clients 24/7.

Our mission

Investing in the new Technologies, and developing new methods in shading sector.

Keep improving our staff, and keep employees satisfaction in the front line and take the right desicions accordingly.

Our clients satisfactions in coming in the first Place for Patella Group.

Creating a sustainable Corporation structure to avoide any gaps in the company applications of sales and support.

To take our share of the social resposibilities and support the country economy.

Our vision

every new Project for us is a new challange so we give the best we can to get the best reasult whch meets the client tast with the finest materials.

To provide the right solutions and appropriate products to our customers with the experience and knowledge we have.

To make a difference in every job we do and to make these differences sustainable.

Direct the market with the new thoughts and Technologies.

To be the market leader Worldwide.

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